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GATE Control Station

GATE Control Station is a free universal app for configuring, controlling and connecting GATE ecosystem elements. The app is now compatible with Android, iOS and Windows/macOS devices.



GATE Control Station™

Simply update the firmware and/or adjust the settings at home, using the USB-Link and the GATE Control Station™ computer App. It is compatible with all firmware editions of ASTER and TITAN with GBU. Its future releases will also support Blu-Link. You can expect them in the following weeks.


windows icon

Download GCS for Windows

mac icon

Download GCS for macOS

GCS 3 beta

GATE Control Station™ Beta

Enjoy separate app for all testers and tech maniacs. You will find here new functions, settings, and layouts before we release them in the stable version. Have fun testing and share your feedback.


windows icon

Download GCS Beta for Windows

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Download GCS Beta for macOS


GATE Control Station™ mobile App

Download the GATE Control Station™ App onto your Android or iOS mobile device and enjoy full control over your TITAN and ASTER on or off the field.

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Download GCS App for Android


Download GCS App for iOS

Please note that due to Apple OTG policy GCS iOS App is not compatible with USB-Link. You can use it with Blu-Link dongle.


  GCS PC / macOS 3.0 GCS PC / macOS 2.x GCS Android GCS iOS
TITAN with GBU firmware + - + +
TITAN without GBU firmware - + + -
ASTER + - + +
TPC + + + +
USB-Link + + + -
Blu-Link - - + +

Please note: to connect ETU to GCS you need USB-Link or Blu-Link


Control options

  Blu-Link with GCS App USB-Link with GCS App Programming via Trigger Tactical Programming Card
Compatibility with ETU with GBU update + + + +
Basic settings adjustment + + + +
Advanced settings adjustment + + - -
Firmware update + + - -
Portable + + + +
Sensors check + + - +
Diagnostic Trouble Codes + + + +
Statistics + + - -
Updates and support + + + -


Acting as your own tactical control panel, GCS allows you to:

  • Simply adjust GATE device settings (TITAN, ASTER, Blu-Link, and future GATE products)
  • Manage connection with GATE dongles (Blu-Link, USB-Link)
  • See Statistics and participate in Rankings*
  • Display telemetry data collected by Blu-Link
  • Perform diagnostics and send reports

* not available in BASIC firmware edition

Moreover, GATE Control Station gives you the option to:

  • Update and upgrade GATE ETU firmware
  • View firmware editions comparison
  • Check options available for different GATE ETUs and firmware editions in the Preview mode
  • Contact GATE support team
  • Receive important messages about updates and new releases


GCS App is designed to support ASTER, TITAN, Blu-Link, USB-Link and future GATE ecosystem elements.