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GBU and EXPERT beta versions released

Beta version of GCS Big Update for TITAN and EXPERT firmware edition is already available.

Full comparison of firmware editions for ASTER and TITAN can be found here:

Edition comparison

Download edition comparison in PDF


TITAN GBU update is a major and free update of TITAN firmware and GCS app (currently only its Android version). The GBU greatly expands range of TITAN possibilities:

  • TITAN BASIC gets binary trigger, programming via trigger mode, interruptible Burst mode, Pre-cocking, manually set Pre-cocking boost, basic functionality of Magazine capacity and Reload time, as well as more possibilities to determine ROF control and full BB counter statistic
  • TITAN ADVANCED gets binary trigger (and so it is now possible to set 216 variations of fire modes), programming via trigger mode, manually set Pre-cocking boost, many options to specify Magazine capacity and Reload time, Low ammo warning, more possibilities to define Series safety limit, ROF control, Low battery warning and brand new LAST BB statistic

Option ‘Trigger’ will no longer be available for Pre-cocking mode in TITAN ADVANCED firmware


Full comparison of TITAN functionality in BASIC and ADVANCED firmware before and after GBU is presented in the table below.

Before and after GBU comparison

Download before and after GBU comparison in PDF


Expert firmware

EXPERT is the most advanced firmware, providing the widest range of configuration possibilities and is dedicated for TITAN V2, TITAN V3, TITAN V2 NGRS and ASTER V2. The EXPERT firmware is currently released in beta version.

As for now, GBU and EXPERT firmware for TITAN and ASTER are compatible only with GCS app for Android. Temporarily, after updating your device to GBU, it will not be possible to manage it from a computer. Within 2 months, a whole new full version of GCS 3.0 for Windows/macOS will be released and it will support TITANs and ASTERs with GBU firmware.

If you upgrade your device firmware edition now, you will have 14 days to resign from the upgrade. Once you send us request to do so, we will downgrade the firmware and you will get your money back.

The full version of GBU will include:

  • Whole new GCS 3.0 for Windows/macOS
  • Big update of GCS for Android
  • Free update of TITAN BASIC and ADVANCED firmware, equipping your ETU with new functions
  • Release of EXPERT firmware significantly expanding possibilities of TITAN V2, TITAN V3, TITAN V2 NGRS and ASTER V2.




Quick Access Menu

You can set Pre-cocking mode, Profile of settings or go to programming mode by using a shortcut. After firing a shot, burst or while in Safe mode* (if safety lever is removed), hold the trigger and switch fire selector in appropriate time (see table). To change options of given function, switch fire selector. Each switch means going to a next option. Options are indicated by relevant vibrations. 



Pre-cocking mode

Profiles of settings

Programming via trigger 

To enter the function, hold the trigger 

and switch fire selector in < 2 s

and switch fire selector within 2 – 7 s

for > 7 s 

Available options


Low vibrations


High vibrations

 See description below














By releasing the trigger, you exit the function and now your device operates according to the selected Pre-cocking mode or profile.

* You can enter programming via trigger mode only when fire selector is on SEMI position and Auto mode is not assigned to that position.


Selecting Pre-cocking mode

Turn on ‘Switch mode via fire selector’ parameter for Pre-cocking in GCS to be able to use this function.

  1. Fire a shot, burst or pull the trigger while in Safe mode*
  2. Keep the trigger hold
  3. Switch fire selector within 2 s. You should hear 1 low vibration.
  4. Now each fire selector switch means a next option
    1. 1 low vibration – Pre-cocking off
    2. 2 low vibrations – Pre-cocking on
  5. Release the trigger to save selected mode

* If safety lever is removed.

Selecting Profiles of settings

Profiles are sets of particular settings of configurable ASTER functions*. There are 3 profiles possible to select at a time and one of them is set as currently active. If you want to change the active Profile of settings:

  1. Fire a shot, burst or pull the trigger while in Safe mode**
  2. Keep the trigger hold
  3. Switch fire selector within 2–7 s. You should hear 1 high vibration.
  4. Now each fire selector switch means a next option:
    1. 1 high vibration – Profile 1
    2. 2 high vibrations – Profile 2
    3. 3 high vibrations – Profile 3
  5. Release the trigger to save selected profile

* Profiles of settings are defined in GCS and are available only in EXPERT firmware edition.

** If safety lever is removed.

Programming via Trigger

One of the major improvements GBU introduces in the TITAN firmware is programming via trigger mode, which enables setting the following device function without using USB-Link. You can easily change menu level by switching fire selector. You navigate given menu very quickly by pulling the trigger. Each time you pull the trigger, number of vibrations changes. The table presents functions and their options programmable via trigger as well as how they are indicated by vibrations.

  1. Fire mode – 1 vibration (unavailable for regional lock)
    1. Safe - Semi - Auto
    2. Safe - Binary - Auto
    3. Safe - Semi - Semi
    4. Safe - Semi - Burst
    5. GCS setting
  2. Burst mode – 2 vibrations (unavailable for regional lock)
    1. 3rd, Full
    2. 3rd, Interruptible
    3. 5rd, Full
    4. 5rd, Interruptible
    5. GCS setting
  3. Battery protection – 3 vibrations
    1. Off
    2. LiPo
    3. LiPo with 3.2 V warning
    4. GCS setting
  4. Active brake – 4 vibrations
    1. Auto
    2. Off
    3. GCS setting
  5. Gear ratio – 5 vibrations
    1. Low speed
    2. Normal speed
    3. High speed
    4. DSG
    5. 19-tooth
  6. Advanced settings – 6 vibrations
    1. Read DTC
    2. Clear DTC
    3. Restore default settings


* To evoke options of Advanced function, hold the trigger down for more than 3 seconds.

** GCS setting is a setting previously defined in GCS application, whose value is not available for selection in this programming mode. Once you change such setting to a different option during programming via trigger and then exit this programming mode, it is no longer possible to set that setting from this level (it can be still specified via GCS).


To run programming via trigger and fire selector, your AEG must have a physical 3-stage fire selector. 

Turning on the programming mode*

  1. Switch fire selector position to SEMI
  2. Fire a shot or burst
  3. Keep the trigger pulled for 7 seconds – until you hear a vibration

* Not possible if Auto mode is assigned to SEMI position.

Turning on the programming mode - the second 'backup' method

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Pull the trigger
  3. While the trigger is pulled, connect the battery (ignore warning vibrations)
  4. Hold the trigger for 3 seconds – until you hear a vibration


Selecting a function

  1. Switch fire selector to SEMI
  2. To get to a given function, pull the trigger right number of times (according to the table)

Selecting option of a function

  1. Switch fire selector to AUTO
  2. To get to a given option of a selected function, pull the trigger right number of times (according to the table)

Saving an option

  1. To save a given option, switch fire selector to SEMI
  2. Then, the setting is saved and you are back in the functions menu
  3. If you want to, set options for other basic functions in the same way

Evoking options of Advanced function

  1. Select a given option of Advanced function
  2. Pull and hold the trigger for more than 3 seconds

Exiting the programming mode

  1. Switch fire selector to SAFE
  2. Enjoy TITAN/ASTER functions you've just set