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We introduce the world first 4th generation mosfet. X-ASR is a highly reliable AEG controller. It has automatic resettable protection against battery reverse polarity, smart fuse and built-in self-test. It is dedicated for stock and low-tuned AEGs (up to M120* spring, torque motor). It does not require additional fuse in AEG installation.

*in case of use high torque gears and motor it is possible to use stronger spring


Key functions:

  • Mosfet. It targets the energy from the battery directly to the motor, bypassing the mechanical trigger contacts. As a result, your rifle gains a higher rate of fire as well as faster trigger response. In addition, the trigger contacts are protected against burnout.

  • Debouncing, which provides full compatibility with micro-switches, ensures complete resistance to contact bounce (vibration). You gain a bigger ROF, a faster trigger response and your MOSFET is less prone to overheating.

  • Automatic resettable protection against battery reverse polarity – people sometimes use batteries from RC market, where Tamiya connector polarity is reversed. This function protects the motor and MOSFET itself in the event of reverse polarity. Reverse connection will not damage the MOSFET or motor, the AEG will work once user connects the battery in the right way.

  • Smart fuse – ensures protection against overload, motor jam, too low voltage and too high temperature. The MOSFET is protected in case of short circuit of signal and motor wires. In case of too strong AEG configuration, the SMART FUSE will turn off the MOSFET in order to prevent overheating.

  • Built-in self-test – LEDs allow for quick troubleshooting.

  • Conformal coating – Military Specification MIL-V-173C provides resistance to bad atmospheric conditions.



What can cause damage to the MOSFETs with no protections?

  • A simple motor jam – after motor jam, the MOSFET will be damaged due to too high current and overheating.
  • Battery reverse polarity – beginners do not care about battery’s polarity. Especially since R/C mini-tamiya connectors have different polarity than the airsoft ones.
  • Use of weak NiCd/NiMH batteries - the simple MOSFET may be damaged due to too low voltage.
  • Damage to insulation of AEG installation and short circuit.
  • Bad atmospheric conditions.