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TITAN V2 NGRS Advanced Set

Module with ADVANCED firmware, USB-Link, Patch and cables
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TITAN V2 NGRS™ Advanced Set – at once you purchase TITAN with ADVANCED firmware edition, USB-Link and USB cables allowing to connect TITAN to PC, Mac as well as Android device. 

The ADVANCED firmware edition offers wide variety of functions and is dedicated for those who like complex solutions. It enables access to the Statistics and TITAN World Rankings. To check all the differences between firmware editions, please refer to the comparison table. 

Kit contents:

    1. TITAN V2 NGRS with ADVANCED firmware edition (rear or front wired)
    2. USB-Link for GATE Control Station™ App
    3. USB-C cable for USB-Link [0.6 m / 1 ft 11 in]
    4. Micro-USB cable for USB-Link [0.6 m / 1ft 11 in]
    5. Installation Kit
    6. TITAN Patch
    7. Quickstart Guide

TITAN V2 NGRS™ is an AEG Control System for Tokyo Marui V2 Next Generation Recoil Shock gearboxes.

Transform your Tokyo Marui Next Generation AEG into an advanced training weapon system. Adjust your weapon and check the Statistics using USB-Link and GATE Control Station App for PC, Mac and Android devices. TITAN V2 NGRS has a whole new trigger sensor, which allows setting hair trigger with ludicrous precision: at least 50 sensitivity levels for first millimeter of trigger movement. The innovative 3rd generation trigger sensor offers you even 420 possible sensitivity settings. Gain a unique tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response and lots of other useful functions. Boost your AEG with computerized technology. Give your AEG a new lease of life!

Thanks to the optical sensors, we eliminated the problem of faulty switches that can occur in competitors' drop-in MOSFETs. The trigger has no mechanical connections with the PCB. This eliminates mechanical stresses and provides for high reliability.


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Please note:

Gearbox and smartphone are not included.



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