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TITAN V2 NGRS Expert Blu-Set

Module with EXPERT firmware, Blu-Link, Patch and cables
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TITAN NGRS™ Expert Blu-Set – at once you purchase all the best for experienced airsofters - TITAN with EXPERT firmware edition and Blu-Link allowing you to connect TITAN to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth®.

The EXPERT firmware edition offers you a vast diversity of settings and options combined with maximum configuration capabilities helping you to prepare for the most demanding mission. It also gives you access to the statistics and TITAN World Rankings.

Thanks to the Blu-Link dongle you can manage TITAN wirelessly via GCS App. You can leave Blu-link connected to your AEG ready for quick changes during the game, switch it between your spare replicas to use it as a smart fuse or treat it as a standalone “plug and play“ source of telemetry data. Moreover, Blu-Link makes you ready for the next Bluetooth® connected products in the GATE Ecosystem.

Kit contents:

    1. TITAN NGRS™ with EXPERT firmware edition (rear or front wired)
    2. Blu-Link for GATE Control Station™ App
    3. Installation Kit
    4. TITAN Patch
    5. Quickstart Guide

TITAN ™ is our flagship ETU, taking your replica to the next level of airsoft. Turn your Airsoft Gun into the advanced training weapon and get full control over trigger sensitivity, rate of fire, burst settings and many other functions. Get tactical advantage and improve your results on the field.


Check full TITAN NGRS™ description


Please note that replica and smartphone are not included in the set.


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