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TITAN Advanced Firmware Edition Upgrade

For instant upgrade use: https://www.gatee.eu/upgrade

Basic vs Advanced
With shipment via e-mail for 0,00 zł
Salesprice with discount
Sales price 150,49 zł
Serial number

Please type the serial number of TITAN which has to be upgraded
Please select gearbox version
Basic vs Advanced
2 firmware editions

You don't need to wait 1 working day for the upgrade. There is another way. You can make direct, instant upgrade via upgrade page:


Or via GCS app:


If you are not using GCS Android or you don't want to make instant upgrade via https://www.gatee.eu/upgrade, please make purchase via form on this page.

Please type the serial number of TITAN that you would like to upgrade in the textbox and select gearbox version. Upgrade will be prepared in 1 working day. It will be compatible only with the TITAN unit with the indicated serial number.


Upgrade instructions:

1. Make purchase via form on this page.

2. In 1 working day you will recieve an e-mail with confirmation that the upgrade is ready to install.

3. Make sure that you are using GATE Control Station version minimum 2.5 for PC or 1.2 for android.

4. Start the GATE Control Station

5. Connect TITAN using USB-Link

6. The update will be installed automatically


Since now your TITAN has the ADVANCED firmware edition.



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